What makes a movie great?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Reality of It All

For years I have privately critiqued the premise and effectiveness of movies. Age has not only sharpened my understanding of film analysis, but also my comprehension of character action. Most movies, however, should just rightfully be labeled fantasy or science fiction. Because they just can’t be real. People do not react that way nor seldom say what their characters say; case in point, any Twilight movie. These notorious sequels are produced without a single coherence to reality. Classics like The Wizard of Oz held more realism. Yet www.edition.cnn.com reports that it has become common for women in their 30s to be devoted fans of series. Has the digital deluge of movies washed away all sense and sensibility?

Of course it could be argued that movies such as the Saw series still make money. Bluntly, they are flavors of the week, entertaining the guileless; destined to be pebbles at the base of a wonder such as The Shining.  Regardless of genre or gross revenues, a film simply should have quality. Follow me as I continue to discuss those aspects that make a great movie.                                            photo courtesy of  www.informatedfw.com

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