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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lessons for the Ages

               Nowadays, what was media relevant 5 minutes ago can be old news within a re-tweet. So let’s try to stay ahead of the game and discuss what is yet to hit the theaters. I have recently been perusing the upcoming movie boards and there were, in my opinion, a few must-see films for 2014.
            Undoubtedly, there will be nothing more epic than the upcoming Darren Aronofsky movie  Noah.  Starring Russell Crowe, who cemented his talent for historical drama in Gladiator, the movie follows Noah’s heavenly charge to build an ark in the prelude of the great flood. The film not only seemingly has awe-inspiring special effects, but also contains that all-important quality a feature film should have; life-changing substance. You know it will be up for an Oscar! It opens on March 28th.
             I know that I am side stepping interest tailored movies like 5o Shades of Grey or even the Hobbit movies. It’s not to say there is substance to them, as much as they do not soar to that epic status. Bluntly, those films that find praise and an enduring following are usually dramatic and historical; which are films I myself gravitate to for their lessons upon life. With that, I’d like to include in this post the mention of Stalingrad.  I’ll assume you know the significance of the name, yet not the grandeur of its cinematic display. It’s another excellent illustration of how close we came to a global brink as we sat unattached in America. 

                You will find an endless assortment of candied movie sequels to spoil your appetite upon. Sometimes you just want to be entertained; so do I. Honestly, I’m somewhat excited to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman with my young nephew. I’m sure we’ll both enjoy it. And it may teach a six year old boy a few indirect lessons, but it will just make me smile. So indulge wisely. 

                There are many good movie premises due to arrive over the next year. Some of them are worthy of praise. I encourage you to scan LiveFor Films yourself to find the true treasures. 

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