What makes a movie great?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's the Idea?


It’s the idea and not the director that makes the movie. Has anyone notice the apparent decline in the works of Steven Spielberg.  It’s difficult to determine the success of the director by movie gross, simply because values change or the years. I would rather judge the accomplishment by recognition of the movie. According to sources like www.imdb.com Spielberg has won the AFI awards for best picture for the last three years. But as the Hollywood often states, it’s the Oscars that matter. In that category, he hasn't had a win since Saving Private Ryan in 1998. In a 20/20 interview he admitted that his movies were a continuous expression of his childhood ordeals. I think that he has great expression. But perhaps, he should develop a fresh concept to express.

Attesting to the apparent lack of originality is the lengthy list of remakes now in development, which includes everything from Annie to Weird Science.  In the exploratory of their details we tend to find that they are justified by the inclusion of an established director. But it’s no surprise when the Oscar for Best Originality goes to a relatively unknown director. The bottom line is that remakes are dependent upon one factor, fan nostalgia.

I’ll concede that like most things, creativity is highly opinionated. I’ll also admit that I finish with some movies and realize “what was I thinking?” But it’s usually because I was over crediting the talents abilities. First and foremost should be the plot. Is this an idea that still tethers on reality (which even sci-fi can do) yet takes us to a place we've never been; even within. This is a concept that the new movie Gravity promises, but I’m sure will eventually fail at. The best I see coming up would be Divergent.

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